Fraud transaction of ₹48,754 by scammers. PhonePe is NOT safe & secure?

Ankit Maheshwari
3 min readApr 28, 2023

Scammers are sending messages to PhonePe contacts asking for more money. My personal recommendation is to not use or not link a Bank account with PhonePe unless they address the issue.

Complain being registered to Cybercrime, Police, and SBI Bank.
Proofs screenshots are attached here.

No support number to talk to PhonePe, whenever we call the robot speaks.

We have all proofs, let’s go through each…

All messages, and fraud transaction history displaying here in PhonePe are done by Scammeres!

Not only request money they sent abusive words to one of our contacts, It’s all we have in PhonePe messages as proof.

Scammers have done these transactions!

Is PhonePe really safe and secure?

How do scammers do this?

1) They call people saying they are calling from the customer support team of a so-and-so company. In our case, they said calling from Bigbasket.

2) They will ask to update the app. And they will share an APK on WhatsApp. The user will install that APK.

3) From there assuming their app itself makes a direct call to PhonePe APIs to make fraudulent transactions and send messages to PhonePe contacts.

Note: They know the loophole in PhonePe and they are taking advantage of that. I found so many users complaining about UPI fraud. But no one knows this could be because of the PhonePe app installed in their phone — this is my assumption based on what happens to us. My intention is not at all to make PhonePe image down.

We have lost ₹48,754 and our account balance becomes 0, we are not sure how we will get this money back and who will pay the loss.?

Thanks for reading!