Check internet connection status in Ionic 5 mobile applications

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Check code below:

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1) Explain what is a callback function, with an example.

Answer: A function that is passed as an argument to another function is called as callback function. This callback function will be executed after some operation has been completed.

2) Reverse each word of a given string.


3) Write some code to check if an object is an array or not.


Array.isArray(object) tells if an object is an array or not. Array.isArray is supported by Chrome 5, Firefox 4.0, IE 9, Opera 10.5 and Safari 5


4) How to empty an array in JavaScript?

Given Array –> arrayList = [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’, ‘e’, ‘f’];


arrayList = [];

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1. Install Chart.js

I am assuming that you already have an Ionic project created in which you want to set up charts — we will be walking through an example of adding charts that can be added to any page you like.


Remove NavParams from all providers stanzas.


If you have an entry of NavParams in providers[] array of app.module.ts file OR in any providers[] array in any file — Remove that entry.

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Here are the few features of Maven:

  1. It makes the build process easy
  2. It provides a uniform build system
  3. It provides quality project information
  4. It allow transparent migration to new features

Configuring Maven

Before configuring it make sure you have install JDK on your machine and JAVA_HOME variable is set. You can type java --version in the terminal window to check if JDK is installed or not.

  1. Add M2_HOME environment variable by typing the following command in the terminal window, make sure to give the correct…

To fix this —

Install couple of androidx plugins to solve the issue. So simply run the following commands in your project root:

  1. Add plugin to enable AndroidX in the project
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-androidx
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter
cordova clean
ionic cordova build android

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Using WhatsApp API to open WhatsApp application from Ionic or Angular PWA App

1. Open config.xml and add:

<access launch-external=”yes” origin=”whatsapp://*” />

2. Then in your HTML template:

<a href=”">WhatsApp</a>

<ion-button href=”">WhatsApp</ion-button>

In WhatsAppNumber you should use international format (without spaces of course)

  • 1 xxx xxx xxxx USA
  • 91 xxx xxx xxxx India
  • 52 1 xxx xxx xxxx México
  • 54 9 xxx xxx xxxx Argentina

Using multiple components in different modules causing error: “ Type X is part of the declarations of 2 or more modules”.

// 1. Create a Shared Module or a Module for a Component@NgModule({
imports: [ CommonModule ],
declarations: [ Component1, Component2.. ],
exports: [ Component1, Component2.. ],
class SharedModule {}
// 2. Now this SharedModule or AnyModule can be added to AppModule or any other module.@NgModule({
declarations: [AppComponent],
bootstrap: [AppComponent],
imports: [BrowserModule, MySharedModule]
class AppModule {}

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import { Router, NavigationEnd } from '@angular/router';@Component({...})
constructor(private router: Router) { => {
if (ev instanceof NavigationEnd) {
/* Your code goes here on every router change */
/* this function calls on navigate forward or back from another page */


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This article will cover:

  1. Create a new Angular Project.
  2. Integrate Angular Firestore in Project.
  3. Add item object to database.
  4. Load data in chunks from database using limit.
  5. Pagination to load more data from database.

1. Create a new Angular Project (click here↓)

Skip this step if you already have a project. Or click here↓ to create a new Angular Project.

2. Integrate Angular Firestore in Project.

To use Firebase services in the project we will install Firebase’s official library. …

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